DuKabel Audio & Mic Splitter Cable - 20Pcs


DuKabel Headset Adapter for Headsets with Separate Headphone & Mic Plug Adapter 3.5mm Combo Audio Adapter Cable for Gaming Headset Adapter for PC Xbox One PS4 Nintendo Switch Laptop - DuKabel Top Series


  • ⭐For wide-ranging use: The DuKabel headset adapter features two 3.5mm 3-position ports that provide a separate headphone and microphone connection that can be connected to the single audio port on your laptop. Alternatively, you can also connect a separate microphone and powered speakers if you prefer to use Skype or chat online without using a headset.
  • ⭐Focus On Pure Essentials: 24K gold-plated contacts, pure metal housing, triple shielding jacket, strong nylon-braided exterior, secure-fit design, and oxygen-free copper wiring, every single detail we made uniquely is to ensure to present the best quality of 3.5mm Audio Splitter Audio Cable in the market. The sound quality provided by this cable is a thing of magnificence which translates to squeaky-clean sound quality and seamless transmission.
  • ⭐Superb Performance: Turns a 3.5mm combo headphone/microphone port into two distinct ports –one 3.5mm headphone jack and one 3.5mm microphone port. Compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm interface, inducing PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Laptop Tablets and more.
  • ⭐Strong Braided Exterior: Creates a durable design. It’s our first time to use fishing-wire-kind materials braiding with audio cables for maximum protection. The final result is wroth celebrating; crystal-like appearance, anti-slip grab design, yet gentle touch feeling. The jack itself has additional insulation which helps in the durability of the product during multiple plug-in and plug-out maneuvers and keeps the interference from other electrical devices to minimum, delivering best sound.

Product description

The DuKabel Top Series Advantages

✔️Audio Lossless Transmission - Providing squeaky-clean sound quality

✔️Gold Plated Bevelled Connector - Maximize signal transfer rate and guaranteed to be incorruptible by corrosion

✔️Polished Metal Housing - Great at canceling out intrusive noise and keeping up a consistent signal reception

✔️nnovation Braided Technology - Strong nylon braided outlook providing extremely strong durability and nice looking appearance

✔️OFC Wiring - The triple shielding that runs through the entire length of the cable, cuts out as much irrelevant noise as possible

✔️Plug & Play - Lightweight, yet sturdy design that can easily be plugged in when required

Headset Connectivity

Simply connect the headphone plug from your headset into the audio output port marked with the headphone symbol, and connect the microphone plug into the audio input port marked with the microphone symbol.

Plug the adapter into audio port on your laptop and you’re all set.

Microphone and Powered Speaker Connectivity

Want to work or game without using a headset?

You can also connect a microphone and powered speakers to your laptop using the adapter.

Just plug in your microphone into the audio input port marked with the microphone symbol, and plug your powered speakers into the audio output port marked with the headphone symbol, and connect the adapter to the audio port on your laptop.


Cable Length: 11 inch / 26 cm

Product Type: Y Splitter

Connector Type (End 1): 1 X 4-Port - 3.5mm stereos - Male

Connector Type (End 2): 2 X 3 -Port - 3.5mm stereos - Female

Please note:

This adapter is NOT a headphone splitter or Y-cable. It CANNOT be used to split the audio output to two separate sets of headphones or speakers.

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